About Us


Unmannedtech Group is a proudly Namibian/South African enterprise that matches technical excellence with serious expertise. We operate in a completely customer-centric way that prioritises meeting your needs. We believe that our Technology have the potential to transform the sectors we work in, and make a major contribution to safety, speed, accuracy and ecosystem integrity.

Our high-level service offering, combined with digital visualisations of captured data to enable game-changing insights based on accurate, real-time information.

Why choose Unmannedtech?

World-leading drone and 3D modelling solutions.
Innovative deployment strategies.
Rapid, cost-effective inspections and surveying
Accurate, real-time data streams
No need to send your people into difficult settings
Minimal environmental impact

Quality Assurance

We listen to your needs
We always appreciate and respond to feedback
We conduct regular quality audits on all aspects of our business
We are committed to executional excellence

Health & Safety

Safety informs everything we do at Unmannedtech Group – we have a 100% ‘safety first culture’. 

We take our responsibilities as drone operators seriously, and go to great lengths to minimise any risks to people or the environment. At all times, we operate in full compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations, including flight safety rules and data privacy laws. 

All our operators are professionally trained and qualified, and our health & safety practices consistently exceed the industry standards. We are committed to continuously improving our approach to safety through training, best practice adoption and hands-on leadership. 

Unmannedtech Group training courses are recognised as some of the most thorough in the business, with our training syllabus developed from recognized principles in the manned aviation world. Our training expertise is built on thousands of hours of manned and unmanned aviation experience. 

Developed in collaboration with aviation professionals and recognised across the industry, Unmannedtech training programmes ensure that every Unmannedtech RPA operator has the necessary training and experience to meet the demands of both onshore and offshore industrial inspection customers. 

We utilise only the latest RPA equipment, all of which is rigorously maintained to endure optimum performance in even the most demanding circumstances. 

We engage in an honest and open dialogue with all stakeholders when it comes to all health & safety matters, especially those relating to technology and operating procedures.


The safety of our employees, clients and all our stakeholders is always our top priority.


We are open and honest in all our dealings, and we always keep our promises.


We deliver exceptional outcomes, on time and within budget. Every single time.


We care about people and the environment, and put their needs first in all our operations.


We ensure that we stay completely up to date on all applicable regulations, and we treat our legal obligations as a minimum standard.


We treat everyone we meet with respect, and we reject discrimination of any kind.

Our clients


We are proud of the fact that what we do makes mining and other operations safer, and can contribute to greater access to affordable natural resources for more people. 

In addition, we are committed to actively trying to uplift the communities we serve through specific CSI programmes including donations to, and volunteering at: 

  • The Laura Vicuna Educational Centre
  • Thandulwazi Maths & Science Academy
  • Banakekeleni HIV/AIDS Orphanage Haven/Hospice, Alexandra