remove the obstacles to getting real-time data about your operations resources inspections

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Monitoring and data collection in remote locations can be costly,

time-consuming and even dangerous – not to mention the potential impact on fragile ecosystems.

Fortunately, there is a better way – Unmannedtech Group offers expert Technology that effectively remove the obstacles to getting real-time data about your operations and resources – without the need to send people into vulnerable or hazardous scenarios.

Our expertise

in technology allows us to design and deploy solutions that are tailormade to your needs, and give you the data-driven insights you need to meet stakeholder obligations, minimise potential liability, and make effective, timely operational decisions.

Data modelling

We also excel in data modelling and providing visualisation of the data captured by our systems, providing you with a distinct advantage over your competitors by allowing you to easily bypass logistical hurdles.

As a company operating at the cutting edge of technology, we spend just as much time looking to the future as we do looking down at the Earth. That’s reflected in our commitment to sharing our skills with the next generation.

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our approach

We believe that when used effectively,  technology can solve many of the problems currently confronting the mining, construction, renewables and agriculture sectors. With Unmannedtech Group solutions, life can be much easier, safer, and even cheaper.


meet our team


The Unmannedtech team has the technical expertise, experience and sectoral knowledge necessary to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in all operations, plus data visualisation through 3D modelling.




Unmmantech have performed several aerial surveys for us and have always delivered a professional service and accurate deliverables. I look forward to working with Louw and the Team in the future.

James Dutchman

Fraser Alexander

Louw has been an important partner to our Dwyka Mining Services and ecosystem. UnmannedTech has supported our clients to safely operate drones in complex GPS-denied environments and other emerging survey technologies with great success. His experience and exceptional track record provide the assurance needed for sustainable UAV technology adoption.

Jamie van Schoor

Dwyka Mining Services

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